Foreclosure Search

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  • With thousands of new properties entering the foreclosure process every month, you need powerful tools to focus on the foreclosures that best meet your criteria. With the most powerful foreclosure search in the business we’ll put you ahead of the competition.
  •  4 Malibu Real Estate Partners, Inc. provides this exceptional service that actively tracks auctions daily. Only here can you find out if a property is still in foreclosure, and if not, what happened – postponement, cancellation, or sale. We offer foreclosure data and analysis that simply isn’t available anywhere else.
  • Instantly gain expertise about your foreclosure market. Know the trends. We offer a variety of key foreclosure statistics on the number of foreclosure filings and the daily auction results. Compare areas. Gain invaluable insight that simply wasn’t available anywhere, until now!

  • Unlike other services we not only tell you what went into foreclosure, but the current status and outcome too.
  • We have the freshest foreclosure data available. We provide the only service that updates every record, every day, with the latest information.
  • In California, foreclosures now account for nearly 50% of homes for sale. That means half the inventory is missing from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service).
  • We monitor daily auction activity. Our auction tracking tool lets you know which properties are headed to auction.We also know which properties fail to sell at auction and become REO opportunities.
  • 4 Malibu Real Estate Partners, Inc. can help you find the real deals, evaluate the best opportunities, eliminate unnecessary risk, and save valuable time. We are excited to be able to bring timely, accurate, in-depth and location specific foreclosure data in California.